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AV and Poster Services: Posters

A/V Services and Poster Design/Printing

The Steps

1) Create your poster according to the design guidelines. Please use a poster template.

For downloadable poster templates; Click the Poster Templates button above.

2) Have your advisor review and approve your poster.

3) Email your poster to Poster Printing at

Your email must include the following in the body of the message:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Who will be picking up your poster
  • The name of your class and instructor (if the poster is for a class)
  • What size you would like your poster printed in (width x height)
  • Poster pick-up date and time
  • Additional info or instructions

4) Once you receive your, "Printing Completed email" Pick up your poster from the circulation desk in the CDU Library.

For answers to the most often asked questions, click on the Poster Policies button!

Poster Instructions Handout

Download the latest step-by-step instructions for creating and printing a scientific poster at CDU.

Who can review my Poster?

All students’ posters are to be submitted to the designated person of your program for review:

  • Medical Students / Please check with your faculty advisor / Mentor
  • MPH Students / Claudia Corleto
  • Radiology Students /Risha Griffin
  • Biomedical Sciences Students / Daniela Lara
  • SON / Faculty Advisor / Please check with your faculty advisor / Mentor
  • Physician Assistant Students / Please check with your faculty advisor / Mentor