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AV and Poster Services: Poster Templates

A/V Services and Poster Design/Printing

CDU Graphic Standards and Logos

  • The CDU logos, along with specifications and guidelines for their use, are available to vendors and other partners who need to employ the University’s visual identity elements.
  • The visual identity elements include:
    • Our logo and related visual representations
    • Our colors or palette, both primary and secondary
    • Our typography, or fonts
    • Our imagery, or photos, illustrations and graphics

-Please Remember-

  • We do not provide design or editing services for posters.
  • All posters must be edited by the author.
  • We do not proof read your poster before printing, but;  If we see content or design problems with your poster, we will send it back to you for editing. Repeated returns for editing will cause delays in printing your poster.
  • Reprints necessitated by errors in your design or content are limited and must be approved by the Library Director!
  • WE recommend having your file proof read and checked for errors by more than one person.
  • Anything other than 36" by 48" or 24" by 36" is a non-standard size poster; and is subject to additional time constraints. We suggest submitting non-standard size posters 1 working week in advance. 
  • We do not routinely offer cutting or trimming service. 
    • If your poser does not have at least one 36" dimension it will need to be cut to size. Please make special arrangements in advance.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Remember to design your poster in the actual size you want it printed. For example, if you want your poster to be printed at 36" x 48"s, Create your slide; 36" x 48"s: In Windows PowerPoint this is done by selecting [Design], then [Slide Size > Custom Slide Size], then typing the desired dimensions into the boxes.

Remember to save your work often. 

  • Please Do not use extremely dark or bright colors as a background. This makes it difficult to read the data presented.
  • Please use either (The paper's) white, or a very light background color.
  • Please avoid using text colors other than Black and never use light or pastel colors as they can be very hard to read.

The only exception to this is white text on a black background. If you use this; use it sparingly and only for large text (40 points or more).

  • Please do not allow design elements of your poster to come right up to the very edge of the page. Please use at least .25 inch margins on all sides of your poster.
  • Avoid using low-resolution image files. 600+ dpi is the preferred resolution.

Poster Templates

  • A standard scientific poster is 36"x48." 
  • A standard poster size for an easel is "20x30" and for a sandwich board size is "24x36."
  • Below please find the links. They are Downloadable poster templates
  • Using these templates helps ensure that your poster is in a format that is easily printable.
  • Creating non-Standard sized posters and Using non-standard size templates and designs can result in numerous corrections and a delay in printing.