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E-books at CDU: Finding Ebooks

List by subject of e-books available at the CDU Library.

E-book Collections

Finding E-books

The CDU Health Sciences Library subscribes to more than 100,000 ebook titles.  These ebooks are included in “packages” from different vendors.  There is no single list of all of the ebooks available.


To find an ebook by title or to find content in an ebook, use one of the following strategies:


1.  Look in the individual vendor packages.  Descriptions and features of each of these packages can be found in the left panel of this LibGuide.  Most of them allow searching across all of the titles in that package.  Many have other features as well.


2.  Use one of the selected subject lists in the right panel of this LibGuide.  Note that these lists do not include all of the ebooks on a particular subject.  Additional subject lists will be added.


3.  Search the library catalog.  Some of the books from Ebrary and all of the books from the other packages have been entered in the catalog and can be found this way by searching for words in the title. Use the search box below.


E-Books Catalog Search