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Search for an ebook.

Find an ebook by title or ISBN.  This tool searches for ebooks across all platforms.  Use the dropdown box to select title search or ISBN.

Strategies for Finding E-books

The CDU Health Sciences Library subscribes to over 200,000 ebook titles.  Most of these ebooks are included in “packages” or platforms from different publishers.  

To find an ebook by title or to find content in an ebook, use one of the following strategies:

!. Use the title/ISBN search box above.  Use the drop-down box to select title or ISBN.  This search does not search the contents of the ebooks, and subject searching is not available.  To browse ebooks, click here.

2.  Look in the individual vendor packages.  Descriptions and features of each of these packages can be found in the in the box to the right in this LibGuide.  Most of them allow searching across all of the titles in that package.  Many have other features as well.

3.  Use one of the selected subject lists in the left panel of this LibGuide.  Note that these lists do not include all of the ebooks on a particular subject.  

E-book Collections

Most required CDU texts in all programs can be found in the large "collections" or platforms listed below. Check the individual college or program LibGuide for your hyperlinked ebooks.

To use the self-assessment resources available in each platform, create a personal account on each site using your CDU email address. This will enable personalized self-assessment, allow the saving your favorite content, and more.

All platforms are EndNote compatible.

AccessMedicine is a medical resource of over 200 full-text ebooks, several of which are CDU textbooks. Resources also include multimedia, practice guidelines, diagnostic tests, and other useful tools. Full cross-platform searching by topic or title will enhance your research. Student self-assessment quizzes can be created. 

ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine and point-of-care database which combines a wide range of resources in one platform: over 1000 ebooks (several CDU textbooks), 800+ journals and many other resources. The platform search function will pull content across all resources.  An integrated self-assessment tool will assist with identifying areas which require additional attention. 

With over 200,000 titles on every imaginable academic subject, this is a great resource for health science information as well as your personal interests.  You can export a citation to EndNote or copy/paste a bibliography item in APA style.

The library subscribes to about 25 ebook titles from StatRef, but several of them are required textbooks for CDU courses.  You can create a download file for EndNote for the whole book (not individual chapters).


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