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Blackboard Help Page: Panopto Video

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Panopto Overview

Panopto is a cloud based video recording, editing, management, and delivery system that is integrated into CDU’s Blackboard learning management System. Every course in Blackboard has access to Panopto videos and tools through the “Panopto Video” link in the course menu. Using Panopto, you can record lectures (including multiple video streams and presentation capture), automatically add captioning and indexing, and deliver them to your students whenever they need them. You can also embed quizzes into videos to check understanding, and have quiz scores recorded in the Blackboard gradebook.

When used with Collaborate, Teams or Zoom, you can simultaneously teach online and capture the video for later use.


For help in integrating Panopto in your teaching, contact the Instructional Designer, Dr. Hua Zheng (


Office Hours: Panopto offers office hours for anyone to receive training and get questions answered. The hours are  Thursday from 10-11am Pacific. Please join us any week here.

Panopto Guides for CDU

Recording Policy

When using Panopto, please consider these guidelines for maintaining compliant recordings:

  • The University prohibits the unauthorized use and selling of lecture notes, or any technological for or derivative of such activity.
  • Students are not permitted to record, publish or distribute a recording made in any course, without the written permission of the instructor or presenter and the Provost. A recording refers to any medium including video recording, voice recording, and typed or handwritten lecture notes. For students, exceptions are limited to the following instances:
  • Individuals with an approved Disability Services accommodation to utilize recordings, can do so according to the directives in their accommodation letter. This may include an agreement to destroy or surrender the recordings at the end of the course; not tape or otherwise record sensitive information during course discussions/presentations, or other reasonable parameters which would not interfere with the purpose and ability to provide access to the curriculum. Instructor’s right to privacy and/or concern regarding their intellectual property rights do not negate the student’s right to accommodation under University policy in accordance with federal and state law.
  • Individuals enrolled or with approval to audit a course, may share lecture notes for non-commercial purposes reasonable arising from participation in the course, such as for group study or projects.
  • When a recording in any form, includes the audio or visual images from the course, the rights of the instructor and class participants should be considered.
  • Care must be taken to not capture information that personally identifies other students enrolled in the course in a manner that may violate their right to privacy.
  • Additionally, there may be instances when it is necessary to protect the copyright of course materials presented by a faculty member or guest lecturer. In some instances, permission from these parties may be necessary before any recording, distribution, publication, or communication occurs.
  • The Division of Academic Affairs and Office of General Counsel will assist with such matters.