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PubMed Tutorial: Basic Searching


The template for this LibGuide was originally developed by Heather Brown at the University of Nebraska Medical Center's McGoogan Library of Medicine. Used with permission.

Basic PubMed searching

Remember: If you are coming to the library's website from an off-campus location, you must log-in first using your CDU username and password to have full access to online library resources.


1. Start your seach by navigating to the library's homepage and clicking on the PubMed link under Quicklinks. By navigating to PubMed from the library's homepage, you are ensuring that you will have access to all of the articles subscribed to by the library. 

2. Now, enter your keywords.

3. If you wish,you can include AND in-between your words (AND must be all in caps for PubMed to recognize it as a command.)  

4. You can also use OR to indicate you want articles containing any of your words.

5. If you do a complex search using both OR and AND, you must use parentheses ( ) to indicate the order the database should process the operations.

6. Results are returned in chronological order with the items most recently added to PubMed appearing first. PubMed will default to Summary display. To see longer or shorter citations, you can change the Display Settings dropdown menu. You can also change how items are sorted. 

7. Clicking on a citation shows a more detailed display that includes the Abstract.  

8. The Related citations in PubMed section can help you find results that are similar in subject matter to the article you selected


9. Once you click on the CDU Library Journal Link Service button, our system will redirect you to the exact location of the article within our journal databases. 

10. If the library has access to the article, you will typically see a link that reads Go to Article. You will also see a link that reads Go to Journal if you would like to check out the online journal and browse to the article. 

11. If we do not have the article, there will be a link availabe to request an Interlibrary Loan (ILL). An Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a process where the CDU Library requests the article from another library, and e-mails it to you once it is ready.