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Your Textbooks - Summer 2020

MPA 520 - Principles of Surgery & Emergency Medicine

MPA 522 - Principles of Medicine II

MPA 522 - Principles of Medicine II: Integumentary System

MPA 522 - Principles of Medicine II: Neurology

MPA 522 - Principles of Medicine II: Pediatrics

MPA 524 - Psychosocial Dynamics in Health Care

Physician Assistant Summer 2020 Reserve Textbook Trials

Introduction to Health Research Methods : A Practical Guide by Katherine Jacobsen. 3rd ed., Jones & Bartlett Learning. 2021. 

Multicultural Health by Lois Ritter and Donald Graham. 2nd ed., Jones & Bartlett Learning. 2017.

Rapid Interpretations of EKGs by Dale Dubin. 6th ed., Cover Publishing. 2000.