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Biomedical Sciences: Genetics and Embryology

Resources for CDU students and faculty in the Health and Life Sciences


Genetics videos

Secrets of the SequenceThis four-part series of hour-long videos from Films on Demand explores the significance of genetics on our health and raises issues about genetic research

Genetic Engineering:  A basic overview of genetics leads to applications of genetic engineering methods.  Includes questions about the social and ethical considerations.  From Films on Demand.

Unlocking the Code : Genetics and MedicineExplores examples of how advances in genetics has improved health care.  From Films on Demand and the Open University.

All About Us : The Human Genome:  A look at the Human Genome Project and some of its discoveries.  From Films on Demand.

The Gene MachineBeginning with Watson and Crick's original description of the DNA molecule, this video explores the role of DNA in protein synthesis and heredity.  From Films on Demand.

Genetic Discoveries, Disorders, and MutationsA look at the observations of Mendel and Darwin and how their findings elucidate some human diseases.  Mechanisms of mutation are also discussed.  From Films on Demand.

Genetic Evolution:  A look at changes in genes over time and the implications of these changes for our understanding of disease causes and treatments.  From Films on Demand.