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School of Nursing: Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis

LibGuide for students and faculty associated with Charles R. Drew University's School of Nursing

Quizzes and other Interactive Websites

Think Like a DoctorThis series of clinical cases will hone your diagnostic skills.  See doctors' notes, lab reports, and imaging reports to help you find the answer.

New England Journal of Medicine Image Challenge:  View the image and select the correct diagnosis.

Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis Resources on the Web

DiagnosaurusFrom Access Medicine.  Search this site by disease or symptom to retrieve possible differential diagnoses.

Rational Clinical Examination:  The articles in this series of systematic reviews from JAMA delineate definitive diagnostic strategies for patients presenting with various symptoms

Duke University Health System Laboratory Test CatalogueInformation about procedures at DUHS, normal values, and some interpretive information about test results.

Lab Tests OnlineA peer-reviewed site with lots of information about lab tests, why they are done,  and what the results may mean.From the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.