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Welcome to the CDU Scholarship LibGuide

     Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science has become a hub of scholarly activity much greater than its size and relatively brief history would suggest.  Over the past few years, the CDU Health Sciences Library has been collecting evidence of this activity and compiling a "master"  bibliography.  It is stored in an EndNote library and, with current available technology, cannot be made available for public searching.

     In celebration of CDU's 50th Anniversary, items from the EndNote library were sorted into groups by year.  This LibGuide will direct you to those groups.

     Things to know:

  1. The EndNote library, in July, 2016, contains about 7,500 references.
  2. Any author with a CDU affiliation was added.  This includes faculty, staff, students, and residents.
  3. An author's publications were only included if the work was completed during his/her time at the university.
  4. The full bibliography contains links to full text articles, and annotations to print materials held in the library.

     The EndNote library is a "work in progress."  References are being added as they are found.  If you want to see which of your publications are in the EndNote library, contact Kathy Russell at  If you want to send me your own list of publications from your CV, send it to that email, and I will add any I don't have.  Thank You.

A project of the CDU Health Sciences Library, in celebration of the University's 50th anniversary.

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