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Master content pages: Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology : Getting Started

Welcome to the Anatomy and Physiology LibGuide.

On this page you will find links to the library's collection of ebooks, covering anatomy and physiology of the whole body, as well as that of individual body systems.  There is also a collection of websites to support your learning.  Some of these contain interactive features to test your learning.  Lastly is a collection of videos  that visually demonstrate A&P concepts.

Getting Started:  The following ebooks (also included in the listings below) provide a good starting place for your study of Anatomy and physiology:

Essentials of  Anatomy and Physiology, by Valerie C. Scanlon and Tina Sanders.  8th ed., F. A. Davis, 2019

Physiology, by Linda S. Costanzo.  6th ed., Saunders/Elsevier, 2018.

Gray's Anatomy for Students.  by Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, and Adam W. M. Mitchell. 4th ed., Elsevier, 2020.

Getting Around  You can scroll down the page or use the following links to find the resource you want.

Anatomy and Physiology Ebooks : Anatomy And PhysiologyAnatomy (Whole Body),    Anatomy Atlases, Physiology, Physiology Special Topics.

A & P Ebooks by Body System:   Abdomen & PelvisCardiothoracicHead & Neck, Musculoskeletal, Nervous System, Eye Endocrine System,

Anatomy and Physiology Information on the Web

Anatomy and Physiology Videos

Netter Collection

For an extensive collection of medical illustrations illustrating the anatomy and physiology of the human body, check out the Netter Collection.  This collection of ebooks includes illustrations of all parts of the body, many in conjunction with medical imaging.  In addition, the images are used in the context of basic biomedical sciences and clinical medicine.

Anatomy and Physiology Resources by Body System

Anatomy and Physiology Ebooks by Body Region

The boxes below contain specialized Anatomy and Physiology Ebooks.

A & P Ebooks: the eye

A & P Ebooks : Endocrine system

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Videos for Anatomy and Physiology

The New Living Body  A collection of 10 20-minute videos on various bodily systems and functions from Films on Demand. Each clip features live action and medical imaging

Anatomy of DigestionExplores the anatomy of the organs of digestion.  From Films on Demand.

Anatomy of the Shoulder:  Using live models and lab specimens, this video demonstrates the bones and supporting structures of the shoulder at rest and in motion.

The Anatomy of MovementUsing dissection specimens, the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves controlling skeletal movement are demonstrated.  From Films on Demand.

Anatomy of ReproductionUsing cadavers and MRI imaging, this video explores the reproductive systems of males and females.

Anatomy of Circulation Using a cadaveric dissection specimen, demonstrates the path of oxygen-filled blood through the body.


Websites for Anatomy and Physiology

Whole body:

LUMEN Learn 'Em : Check your knowledge of anatomical structures on this site form Loyola University.  There are many other anatomy resources on the LUMEN site.

Human Anatomy Learning ModulesFrom Dartmouth University, this site displays anatomical specimens to test your recognition.

LUMEN Cross-Sectional Anatomy Tutorial  : From Loyola University, Chicago.


e-Skeletons  Great photos in individual bones from different angles.  You can look at human bones and compare them with those of other primates.  From the University of Texas, Austin.

The Anatomy LessonFrom Georgetown University, this site demonstrates skeletal anatomy, including related muscles, nerves, etc. Landmarks on each structure and the outside of the body are pointed out.   In each section, there is a test to assess your understanding.

Nervous System

Interactive Neuroanatomy Atlas : From Columbia University.  Uses diagrams, specimens and sections to demonstrate structures in the nervous system.  Some functions may require Flash, QuickTime, and or Shockwave.

Atlas of the BrainUsing anatomical specimens and radiological images, this site from Georgetown University tests your recognition of features of the human brain.