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Physician Assistant: Assessment, Physical Examination, and Patient-Professional Interactions

Resources for the Physician Assistant Program

Assessment, Physical Examination, and

Welcome to the Assessment, Physical Examination, and Patient-Professional Interactions LibGuide

The first step in any encounter with patients is assessment and physical examination.  From the results of these, diagnoses may be generated.  In addition to technique, the quality of interactions between patients and professionals is important.  The CDU Health Sciences Library has many resources to guide this process.

Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination:  This set of videos is required watching for many CDU programs.  The videos have been updated and new features added.  These videos work equally well on Windows PCs (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), Macs (Safari, Firefox), as well as Android and IOS devices.



EKG Academy : Free tutorials on tools for EKG interpretation.  Includes reference materials and practice tests.

EKG Training : Electrocardiogram Center Lessons, drills, and quizzes on EKG interpretation.  Includes a course on the 12-lead ECG.

Clinical Calculators and Conversion Tools

Body Surface Area/Body Mass Index:

Coronary Heart Disease Risk Calculator

Pregnancy Due Dates Calculator

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool:  From the National Cancer Institute.

EBMCalc:  This collecting of tools from Stat!Ref includes a number of clinical calculators, as well as math conversions and a scientific calculator.

Resource box for Physical Examination and Assessment

The Stanford 25This series of videos from Stanford was created to accompany small group sessions for medical students.

Neurologic Exam : An Anatomical ApproachView videos of  segments of the neurologic exam.  For each segment, learn about the anatomy, view normal and abnormal examples, and compare the two. Test your knowledge with quizzes. From the University of Nebraska and the University of Utah.

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine:  From the University of California, San Diego.  A step-by-step guide to segments of the physical exam. Includes links to related content outside the guide, and other tools, such as checklists that can improve skills.

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Auscultation of Heart, Breath and other Sounds

Easy Auscultation : Lessons, Quizzes and Guides:  This site includes tutorials and audio clips on heart and breath sounds, as well as lots of explanatory materials and self-test quizzes. 

Perfect Score : Sound and Murmur Challenge:  Once you have followed some of the tutorials, test your proficiency here.  from the University of Michigan.

Heart Sound & Murmur Library : Examples of different heart sounds arranged according to surface anatomy.  From the University of Michigan.

Auscultation Assistant : Improve your diagnostic skills using these audio clips and the included information.  Created by a UCLA medical student.

Taking Blood Pressure by AuscutationThis site includes a simulated blood pressure cuff that you can inflate and deflate to measure blood pressure.  Includes both adult and pediatric cases.

Pulmonary Breath SoundsLearn to recognize and interpret breath sounds from different locations.From East Tennessee State University

Auscultation Practice Drills and Quizzes:  Evaluate your auscultation skills with these practice items.  Get immediate answers and feedback.

Auscultation Training by Repetition : As an aid to memorizing heart/lung sounds, listen to the sound for a prolonged period of time and view tracings and explanatory material.

Abdominal Sounds Learn to evaluate the gut using auscultation.