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Student Education and Service Center (SESC): Using the Classroom Podia

Student Education and Service Center (SESC)

Power on computer in rooms 120,122,231,SESC

Power On Computer

1.   Sign out Podium Key from the SESC

2.   Open Podium

3.   Press the “ON” button under display and wait until it stops blinking

4.   Press the “PC” button

5.   Power on the Dell Computer

6.   Login ID: Instructor


Log-off Computer

Do Not Power Off Computer

1. Log-off computer

2. Press Projector off

3. Lock cabinet

4. Return the podium key to the SESC or Key box near the Sercurity office.

Procedures for using the Podia

  • To ensure that keys continue to be available, cooperation is needed from all program directors, faculty, staff, guest speakers, and community members who use the podia for their classes, meetings, presentations, etc.
  • COSH employees who use or who intend to use podia or any other audio-visual aids, will need to be trained and certified by Computer Technician extension 9354 or SESC Manager, extension 9351. Please schedule a training session early enough to secure certification for podia use for your class or event.  Training session takes 10 to 15 minutes.

1.      Pick up key in the SESC copy room

2.      Sign out on clipboard on counter

3.      Book computer to use

4.      Log-off and shut computer after use

5.      Lock computer doors

6.      Return key to SESC or security box if SESC is closed.

  • A list of certified individuals is kept at the front counter of the SESC, and only those whose names appear on the list will be issued podia keys.
  • Readily available keys to the computer podia are essential to the smooth operation of COSH instruction, and other services. When they are not returned in a timely manner and are misplaced for a significant length of time, it becomes an inconvenience for all COSH Faculty employees and, really, a disservice to those who need to check-out the keys later.
  • Please visit the SESC as soon as possible for training or to verify that you are certified for podia use