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Student Education and Service Center (SESC): Edmentum

Student Education and Service Center (SESC)

About PlatoWeb

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

In today’s world, education and training make an essential difference in an adult’s ability to successfully participate in society – so falling behind often means being under-employed and under-educated. For learners who need adult basic education training that fits their skill levels, demanding schedules, and professional goals, PLATO® Learning Adult Basic Education offers a comprehensive solution.

Through 24/7 access to the age-appropriate, relevant, comprehensive online instruction PLATO Learning provides, adult learners see their goals realized. The easy-to-use technology-based adult basic education programs are as appropriate for those with basic high school training as they are for those with pre-college level skills, and they are ideal for those learners who require flexible, self-paced learning that fits their schedules. Uniquely designed to provide opportunities to acquire and improve literacy and math skills, our Adult Basic Education Solution builds confidence.


If you are a CDU student and are interested in improving your basic skills, please come into the SESC and sign up with Harold Abramowitz for 323-563-3446.

Remember it's free to CDU students!