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Clinical Tools: Point-of-Care/Clinical Decision Tools

Tools for physicians, nurses, researchers, and students working in a medical setting.

Online Tools from the Library for Point-of-Care/Decision Support


  • FirstConsult is a component of ClinicalKey.  It contains article that are peer-reviewed and frequently updated. Strength of evidence and cited references support the recommendations.

  • Follow the link below to ClinicalKey,   To the left of the search box is an orange rectangle containing "ALL."  Click on this and select FirstConsult.  Add your search terms, then select the article you want to read.  The resulting page may include sections from several ebooks as well as the FirstConsult article itself.  ClinicalKey

ACP Smart Medicine

  • ACP Smart Medicine is a decision support tool from the American College of Physicians..  References to studies support the strength of evidence supporting recommendations. It also has sections on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Ethical and Legal Issues.
  • ACP Smart Medicine is a component of Stat!ref.  Use the link below to go to the site, then scroll down to find the section you want.  ACP Smart Medicine

Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis Resources on the Web

DiagnosaurusFrom Access Medicine.  Search this site by disease or symptom to retrieve possible differential diagnoses.

Rational Clinical Examination:  The articles in this series of systematic reviews from JAMA delineate definitive diagnostic strategies for patients presenting with various symptoms

Duke University Health System Laboratory Test CompendiumInformation about procedures at DUHS, normal values, and some interpretive information about test results.

Lab Tests OnlineA peer-reviewed site with lots of information about lab tests, why they are done,  and what the results may mean.From the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.