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Urban Public Health: Public Health Biology and the Environment

A resource guide for students and faculty in the Urban Public Health program

Groups and Agencies

Resource Box: Public Health Genomics

More E-books on Public Health Biology and the Environment

TOXNET : Environmental Health and Toxicology Database

TOXNET (Toxicology Data Network) is a collection of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.  You can search individual databases, or all of them together.  From the US National Library of Medicine.

Some of the databases:

HSDB:  Hazardous Substances Data Bank

TOXLINE:  Toxicology Literature Online:  References from the toxicology literature

LactMed:  Drugs and Lactation: drugs to which lactating mothers might be exposed.


Resource Box: Information on Public Health Biology and the Environment

Further Reading on Environmental Health From the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has created several documents on environmental variables that are freely available.